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We are with U !

Release Time:2019-12-28 11:09 Reading Times: second
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Bigfans is with you in the fight against the epidemic!

As the factory returned to work, ventilation was necessary under the outbreak,Virus is easy to form aerosol transmission, by opening a window to breathe, can make the aerosol density reduced. Fresh air can enter into the factory better, and workers can breathe fresh and pollution-free air better.

Our industrial fans can make the air flow from the top down, forming a large area of air circulation, air pollution ions with static electricity, will be absorbed on the ground, reducing air pollution. At the same time, keep the factory doors and Windows open to form indoor and outdoor air convection, accelerate the air change rate, can effectively improve the operating environment!

We hope that the epidemic will be over soon and that people around the world can get through it safely. Let's look forward to that day!