Safety and Security Measures

Installation measures

Safety measures for large industrial fans

1. Fasteners: high strength industrial bolts are used for all fasteners, and the actual stress is more than 10 times;

2. Steel wire traction: the stress intensity of each steel wire cable can reach 1000kg, and each connection point is provided with double protection;

3. Main protective structure of industrial fan: Fan safety ring, when there is an accident, the safety ring can play a protective role and prevent any parts from sliding;

4. Type I safety structure of industrial ceiling fan blades: reconnect all blades and chassis to form an integral structure;

If the detection is abnormal, the frequency conversion control system will automatically alarm and stop running.

Safe installation

Bigfans has a team of experienced electrical, mechanical and architectural engineers, who can analyze the stress of different building structures and provide the most reasonable installation scheme; and can carry out installation construction for various buildings with installation conditions. In the process of operation, there are strict operation specifications and installation standards. Our professional technology and high requirements will eliminate all your doubts.

  • Installation scheme,
  • Lifting car installation,
    Well equipped;
  • Level, height, balance debugging,
    Rich experience;
  • Dynamic balance test,
    Stable operation;
  • All fasteners have torque standards,
    With the best fastening;
  • Installation process,
    Concise science;
  • According to the customer's requirements, it can be used for the on-site air volume, wind speed, < br / >Comprehensive test of noise, etc., and issue test report.
Installation conditions

1. The minimum distance between traveling crane and beam is 0.5m

2. Fan blade is more than 2.5m away from the ground

3. Minimum distance between fan blades and traveling crane 0.2m

4. The length of extension rod can be adjusted according to the installation position, and the adjustable range is 0-6m

Installation mode

Installation mode: H-section steel I-section steel reinforced concrete beam spherical grid structure

1. Building structure: H-shaped steel, I-shaped steel, steel concrete square beam, spherical column and other structures;

2. The total height of the building is required to be more than 2.5m;

3. The minimum safety distance between fan blade and obstacle is 0.2m;

4. Input power: 380V / 220V.