Copy planning

Responsible for the annual business plan and marketing strategy of the company's home decoration coatings in the first tier urban decoration company channel;
Set up the channel sales target of home decoration company, lead the team to develop and manage the business of decoration company.



1. College degree or above, aged 32-45. More than eight years of working experience, with experience in channel management of decoration companies in major building materials, home appliances and coating related industries.
2. Be familiar with the current situation and development trend of home decoration industry, understand the general decoration industry trends, such as beishangguang decoration, etc., and be able to innovate the new business model for the marketing and sales innovation of home decoration coatings according to the characteristics of home decoration channels;
3. Strong team management ability and national home decoration channel coordination ability; willing to accept challenges, able to work under pressure; with achievement motivation and result oriented consciousness;
4. Candidates in big building materials industry or decoration industry are preferred.

*Application email to:553204285@qq.com
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